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Beautiful Green Water Trip | Verde Experience
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Verde offers visitors many different cultural tours in the UNESCO’s biosphere reserve, Odai town. You will discover the fascinating rural landscape, the Japanese religion, and the food culture. There are options depending on what you are looking for: Visiting Takihara Shrine where the ancestor of Japanese Imperial Family is being worshipped; Visiting a sake brewery that preserves a traditional method of sake production; Green tea tour that you can experience tea picking and see the tea production process.

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Scenic Tea Field Cycling with Tasty Teas

Half day
  1. 3,500 yen~
  2. Cycling
  3. Kumano Kodo
  4. Tea Plantation
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Beautiful Green Water Trip

All day
  1. ※Monitor 50 people
  2. 12,800 yen~
  3. 6 hours
  4. Osugidani
  5. Boat trip and Hiking
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Woodland Ride and Hike

Harf day
  1. ※Monitor 100 people
  2. 7,500 yen~
  3. Cycling
  4. Hiking
  5. Forest Bathing
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